This podcast episode with Brené Brown is potentially the most important thing you can listen to if you’ve ever thought “Is this it? I thought life was going to be more beautiful”

I ask my clients to listen to this before our first session. I specialise in depression and anxiety (because it crippled me for years so I can totally understand their pain) and we all know that we suffer from these illnesses because we are not living with purpose and being our authentic selves.

My business Unleash the Warrior was born from my own uprising 12 months ago. It wasn’t pretty…actually, it was excruciating. It was messy, it was frightening but it was also a time of finding hope, regaining faith and finally accepting the vulnerability I’d always shown, was actually my super power. I was raised to be courageous enough to always show my emotions (thanks to my amazing Dad) and it was a beautiful moment when I discovered it was the secret weapon I’d had in my toolbox all along. And adding RTT to my arsenal has turned my bag of tricks, into something incredibly powerful.

Once you fully accept all emotions are ‘states’ and not ‘destinations’, you can move into the space of living with them and being grateful you can feel them at all. RTT gives my clients the ability to finally believe they are enough to live life as they deserve…authentically. Truly magical ❤️

I hope you love this podcast episode as much as I do 🙂