Anyone that knows me can confirm I’m a bit of a storyteller. It’s a gift (I’d say Layth disagrees with this 😉) and no matter how difficult the situation was that forms the basis of the story, I’ll put a positive and humorous spin on it. That’s why I’m often called courageous…because I now bare it all to just about anyone and I’ll openly share my tale of hitting rock bottom and then finding the strength to get back up and fight. I’ve lost friends and family by choosing to speak out about my lifelong battle with depression and anxiety, speaking about my brothers suicide so candidly, it seems to be a part of my story that makes some people uncomfortable. But I really don’t care, it’s my story and without knowing it in detail, you won’t get to know the authentic me.

Once I told my story publicly and did so without any apology for telling it, I felt incredibly liberated and immediately set about helping others to do the same. It all starts with giving someone the opportunity to open up and be heard.

I ask my clients to tell me their story, we then go back to the subconscious and we change how they perceive it. I put the positive spin on it and it changes everything for them. Our stories may be hard to tell, or difficult to review but it’s where our healing begins.

There is no benefit in keeping your story locked up inside, it’s actually the main reason some of us can’t let go of the past and move on with our lives. So be brave, tell your story and be damn proud you found the courage to speak your truth ❤️

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