By far the most amazing thing I learnt in my NLP training is how to set and achieve my goals. And this will definitely help you too.

S.M.A.R.T. goal setting gets results…if you take action of course 😉 You must also ensure any goals you set align with your beliefs, values and current situation.

Here’s the breakdown for you to set a small goal and get cracking;

S – Specific. Be very specific when setting your goal, every detail is important. I have my Mission goal (dream life) mapped out and just having it on paper is exciting!

M – Measurable. It needs to be measurable so you keep on track. Most big goals will have several little goals you must achieve first.

A – Attainable or Act As If. If it is attainable, then act as if you’ve already achieved your goal and watch what happens. The subconscious mind really starts to believe it and will make it happen!

R – Realistic. It’s gotta be realistic guys. No one here is running for president right? Keep it realistic but still dream big!

T – Time. Set yourself a deadline and meet it! You’ll gain confidence in yourself and find the courage to set bigger goals.

Hope this helps you to achieve something sooner rather than later. I’d love to hear your goals if you’d like to share. We all need a cheer squad ❤️