My Dad use to always say “Everyone must have a few books on replay. Read, let it sink in, practice what you have learnt and read it again”

This is the traditional way of becoming subconsciously competent at a new skill and achieving our life goals.

What is subconsciously competent? It’s like driving a car…you’re doing it without thinking about it. Your subconscious is handling it for you. It’s doing your job and not thinking about it at all. Or it’s being positive everyday without needing to force yourself to “slap on a smile” or “fake it till you make it”

But I’m not one for traditional ways of doing things anymore and here’s why…I’d fall off the wagon on that new diet, excuses galore came up for not exercising, I’d set a goal and maybe follow through on the actions required if I had time. My biggest battle however was in my mind. I suffered from crippling depression and anxiety and the higher I climbed the corporate ladder, or the more I pursued my goals…the worst my mental condition became. There were moments I was paralysed with fear. Panic attacks of monumental proportions that saw me cancel dates with friends, call in sick, lock myself away and scramble to find relief in any way possible. The roller coaster of highs and lows, the daily ups and downs…it was EXHAUSTING! And imagine how that was for my family and friends?

And all because subconsciously, I didn’t believe I was good enough. I didn’t truly believe I deserved to live the life I wanted to. I just didn’t subconsciously believe it was available to me. I’d self sabotage everything and I could then say “see…I couldn’t do it” Sure, I’d try mediatation and mindfulness but they don’t work unless you’ve tackled and rewired the motherboard…your subconscious. Your operating system, your conscious, is running wild with crazy ideas and let me tell you…it can really take over you.

Sound familiar? If it does…please know you are not alone. I hear you, I see you and my god, I feel your pain.

But here’s the best news you’ll receive all day (maybe all week 😉) I can STOP those feelings right now. You can be free of depression, anxiety and I can reprogram you subconsciously to start believing you can, and WILL, have the life you want. I’ll set you up for success with a positive mindset. You’ll finally achieve the goals you set for yourself.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy, we have blended RTT, NLP, TLT and traditional talk therapy. This POWERFUL therapy smashes those limiting beliefs and reprograms your subconscious with the new beliefs you need to unleash the warrior that is within you. And I’ll help you do that for $299. That’s a very small investment to make on your mind!

No matter what you need to work through, we’ll dig deep and get you results. I’ll give you incredible tools to use everyday to keep healthy in body, mind and soul. Here’s what’s included in a typical package;

⭐️ Discovery call – 30 minute call to discover what it is you want (I’ll bring my magic wand)
⭐️ Session 1 and 2 – 90 minute RTT including hypnotherapy to reprogram your subconscious
⭐️ Session 3 – 60 minute NLP to plan S.M.A.R.T goals and take immediate action
⭐️ Session 4 – Follow up and evaluation

Remember…I’ve been where you are and my experience is the true game changer here. I’ve followed this amazing process myself and I know it works!

My new practice is up and running. Get in contact today for your FREE discovery call and let’s create the perfect package for you 🙂

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