I’m not perfect, I don’t have all the answers but I have always been vulnerable. My Dad taught me that…he was so open, authentic and showed me how deeply he felt about me. I felt a true connection with him. He was so passionate, emotional and in my opinion…AMAZING. It was so messy at times, but we leaned into it and embraced it all. What I learned from him was to be fiercely courageous to be the same. That is his legacy and as he slipped away, I knew he’d passed the baton on to me and now it will be mine.

I relentlessly chase my dreams no matter how crazy they are, I give my heart fully and openly to all I meet, and at times, I can feel excruciating pain as a result. I share my feelings with everyone, no matter how I’ll be portrayed. But I’m alive, and I believe feeling ALL emotions, not just the ‘good’ ones…is better than feeling nothing. I will not water down my feelings, I will not dull them or medicate them, and we’re raising our warriors to do the same. Feel the feelings, embrace them, share them and feel no shame in being so damn courageous to do so.

And guess what happens when you give in to your feelings, when you truly accept them as a ‘state’, not a ‘destination’…well you start to live a life with true meaning and purpose.

Brene Brown sums it up perfectly. I urge you to listen to this, open your heart and dive head first into life. No holding back, show up as yourself and be proud of who you are.

And always remember…YOU ARE ENOUGH ❤️