I was restless in my corporate career for years. I was kicking goals, achieving amazing things with some extraordinary people, but my heart was just not digging it. I’d come home exhausted, restless and unsatisfied.

Every little thing frustrated me in the end, the daily drive in peak hour traffic, the lack of passion and courage in leadership, zero flexibility to have family/work life balance…everything set me off. Once I found the strength to look within, I realised that the problem was me. No one upset me, it was my perception of the situation that effected me and the blame game was ruining me. I wasn’t following my heart and doing what I truly loved…of course I was angry!

The only way forward was to take the plunge and finally chase the dream. But would it pay the bills? How would we survive? We took the chance anyway, tightened the budget, my family gave up so much to help me succeed. We all had faith in our grand plan. I believed in myself to make it happen.

You’ve got to start somewhere and if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, there’s no ‘work’, just new things to learn. I’ve created a career that not only pays the bills, it makes me (and my AWESOME family) incredibly happy…now that’s something to celebrate. Champagne all round 😉

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