Something I teach my clients (and my tribe) is to view all emotions in the same way. Whether you’re happy, frustrated, sad, angry, excited…it doesn’t matter…they’re emotions and need to be listened to and dealt with in the same manner. There are no ‘good’ emotions, no ‘bad’ emotions. Labelling something ‘bad’ sends our subconscious into a guilt and shame spiral.

And communicating them properly is key…otherwise you’ll end up saying things you’ll regret or behaving in a way you’ll have to apologise for later. I’ve definitely been there myself many times. It’s not pleasant!

All emotions are ‘states’ and we can easily change them in an instant. Remember…you’ve got complete control over how you feel, react and behave in any situation. It’s our perception of the situation that effects us, not the actual situation.

If you find yourself feeling those harder emotions to feel (anger, frustration, sadness) too often…reach out, I’m here to help ❤️